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“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
- Oliver Wendell Holmes


Our Mission at CampBellyDance is simple: We curate amazing experiences. 


We want to get you out of your everyday routine by moving, feeling embodied and deeply connected to nature. We want you to feel inspired by putting you in beautiful Costa Rican landscapes while providing experiences that allow you to enrich yourself. We invite you to hike mountains, take dips in rivers, frolic in the salty water of the sea and hide under palm trees. 


If you are a retreat host looking to plan a unique one of a kind retreat experience for your group, you are in the right place. 


We want you to focus on doing what you do best whether that is coaching, teaching, or simply sharing your unique gift. Basically, you can just show up and do you. We plan the rest. 


If you are a mover and shaker looking for your next travel destination and retreat experience, you are in the right place. 


We can take you from the mountains to the beach and promise you an immersive experience with nature like no other. 


Book your next retreat today!

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