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"Camp Belly Dance was such a great, life changing experience for me. Not only was it a place for belly dance , but it was also a place for nature, wellness, positive growth, healing, and other beautiful things that make you want to stay forever! The teachers and the other campers were very nice. We all had a great connection. It was so much fun.  I felt like I was living and dancing in heaven or paradise!!!! I look forward to to returning next summer!"

Alice Dee-School Teacher and Dancer at Qabila Folkdance Company


"Camp Belly Dance saved my life, and I'm not exaggerating. I was going through a serious depression at the time, on top of the stress that occurs when traveling internationally.  When I got there, all of my worries and anxiety melted away. Not only was the landscape majestic, Annalisa and Alexandra were the greatest hosts. They were super accommodating, and really catered to our experience. It felt like a fun sleepover, but it was also spiritually transformational.  Through the experience, I learned to not only accept myself, but embrace who I am, as I am, in my current life and body. The activities were healing, fun, and I learned things that I brought back home to my everyday practice. I recommend CBD to anyone who is in need of healing, as well as to enhance your skills in both yoga and belly dance. The two go hand in hand. The location and natural sites are breath taking. You will totally get your moneys worth, plus more!!"

Wendela Meraz- Hula Hooper, Traveler, Activist

"I want to climb to the top of the mountain and yell "Hoorah!!" Camp Belly Dance, was more magical than a trip to Disney world! Before I went on this adventure, I was very confused and unhappy. I was becoming distant from everyday life, and seeking happiness. The amazing instructors and people on this trip changed all of that! One thing I learned, even more important than yoga technique, is that everyone has a story. It was great to take a one week break from reality and cleanse the body and soul! The way I describe this transformation is: before this trip, I was the most insecure and judgemental person, I was afraid to speak my mind or even acknowledge anything out of the ordinary in life. Now I take a moment for myself and set intentions, and no longer care what people think! If you're thinking of the retreat at all, I'd say "GO!" Extremely life changing and worth it!"

Codi Holstien- School Teacher

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"For my first retreat, Camp Belly Dance was the perfect amount of meditative and physical wellness. We had an amazing group of girls to learn from and build with. The teachers were also so talented, helpful, and nurturing. They offered everything from belly dancing to sound healing, yoga, hiking, spa treatments and more. The program was well planned with beautiful accommodations, great food, fun and super inspiring souls. I left feeling refreshed and recharged and can't wait for the next opportunity. Thank You CBD for hosting such a great experience for all of us."

Ash Prema-Spoken Word Artist

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